Contemporary Art by Elfye*

Cannes (06) - France - +33 (0)679 639 637

Contemporary Art
trends Semi-Concrete Partially Representative with Geometric orientation.


Cannes, Paca
(033) 679 639 637

Painter since almost twenty years, her paintings blend geometry and contrast while preserving a strong symbolic, it is expressed on various media.
Each of her paintings hides riddles and underlying theme. Over the works, the monochrome background is an alternating of story and fuzzy (artistic) logic. And strong of her habits - There is no need to run it has to be late - and after several exhibitions, the Sorbonne in Paris called her for certifications.
The media used are various and here you will find works on canvas, wall, or shoes.

Do not hesitate to contact the artist for purchasing or performing a work request (door, wall decoration, establishment ...).

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